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Gardening at school



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Watering bottle


3 runner beans

Planting out


Preserving fruits

Tree support


Observing roots

Sade and protection


Structure for shade and protection

Perforated rigid
circumference (interior of a tyre + 15 cm)

If a tree is protected against the wind then it can grow quicker.
This is true of a young tree growing in the middle of a small bramble bush.
The bush protects it from the wind.
The tree seeks the light so grows upwards.
It will not grow branches at its base but only a central shoot.

To install the protection around the tree, we first prepare the soil by aerating it, breaking it up using a fork over a small area.
The stripped off turf and roots of weeds or grass in this area will serve as a mulch. Competition from strong and greedy weeds should be illiminated.
Dig shallow holes about 1,2 m, spaced about every 6 meters.

1 Strong wire

2 Tyre

3 Plastic film

Inside the shallow hole, dig a hole of 60 cm deep.
Line the hole with compost and replant the tree.
Wrap the rigid plastic around the inside of the tyre, making slits of 15 cm along the bottom.
This will help it to stay in place.
Secure it by placing a tyre on the slit part.
The tyre will stop the plastic moving.
This structure stops the tree moving and thus damaging the roots.
This will also stop larger animals like rabbits from damaging the newly replanted tree.

A council to cut the figure of the bottle: we use a secateur. The operation is done longitudinally, on opposites faces.
It is vital for the plant not to break the mound.

In very dry ground, it is counseled to dig a deeper hole.

The ideal period to replant is from end of June to the beginning of September.

    1 Water goes up by capillary action

    2 Forest compost compacted naturally

The chestnut grew 76 cm in 9 months.
(21 cm more than another protection system I tried).