The Little Garden for Schoolboys

So that the men return towards nature,
we start with the children

what's all about?

Welcome on the site of association "Little Garden for Schoolboys" of Languenan in Brittany (France).
This site is addressed of course first of all to the children and to their teachers, but also to any person interesed by the gardening or wishing to sensitize youth with the natural universe.

Demonstration mute to be seen by everyone regardless of language.

This wonderful orchard is two years old, planted in 2006. The trees were cultivated using the system devised by the ‘Little Garden of Students’ here in France. The EM106 were grafted in the English manner using varieties of old apple trees. In fact they having been growing in the orchard behind our farm buildings.

We hope that everyone can use this procedure so that a million trees might grow from a million bottles.

Children can grow trees as science projects in class.

Peoples’ hands should be the stimulus and the antenna for the brain.

Even those with only a balcony can help in the reforestation of our planet.

You will discover everything we have painstakingly built over 22 years!

Good navigation on our site!