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 Medal of the Ministry for Agriculture 1996

A small planting system

A wonderful system for the home garden. This small simple method lets me grow young plants successfully, including: tomatoes, pumpkins, cabbages, lettuces and herbs.
I am also able to grow fruit and nut trees e.g. apples, peaches, plums, chestnut, hazelnut and oak.

A chestnut replanted on the 24th of June 1992 grew 66 cms during 1993.
I shall explain how to make the planting system from an empty plastic bottle, how to make a small watering can from another plastic water bottle and how to make a trap for slugs and snails so that they cannot damage your hard work in the garden.

The plastic planting container

Cut the empty plastic water bottle 1/5th up from the bottom.
You can use pruning scissors or a metal-cutting saw.
NB. Be careful not to cut yourself. It would be a good idea to practise cutting plastic bottles until you have a good technique.
Turn the top of the bottle upside down and insert it into the bottom of the bottle.

All the different layers in the planting container

1 Leave a space at the top to provide a greenhouse effect. Water the plant from the top.

2 Fine gravel: Cover the seeds or young seedling to a thickness of 1 cm. This lets the water pass and stops the seeds from drying out.

3 The seed: or young seeding: Place the seed or seedling on top of the soil mixture.

4 The soil mixture: Mix equal quantities of compost, topsoil and sand.

5 Top of the bottle: The top of the bottle is upside down to allow an overflow for the water so that plants do not perish from over-watering.

6 The paper stopper: Use a ball of paper as a cork in the opening of the bottle. It will stop the soil mixture escaping into the water.

7 The water will be absorbed by the soil mixture to feed the seed or seedling.


The Mega-system

Using two bottles of 5 liters, Mega-system is very powerful.

1 Stopper.

2 Klo┼Ło : to use closed for cuttings stufitaj.

3 Plant.

4 Empty part : space taken by the plant.

5 Fine gravels.

6 Substrate.

7 Furrow obtained by pressure.

8 Opening of filling and too full, obtained by pressure on the second bottle.

9 Both labels.

10 Lastly water.

The pressure practiseda by the inches creates a chute and makes narrower the high part. It is encased more easily in the low part.